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Basic Manager for the New Evo Anima (OpenCore) and thus the new Polaris EVO Light Saber from Lama di Luce.

New Version of Gilthoniel, for firmware 2.0.2 or newer

See Download Page

Windows 10 (and MAC-OS) should automatically install/use the correct drivers for the saber, earlier versions of windows may need a CDC Serial Driver



As UK Master Sabersmith for LudoSport (International Light Saber Fencing Academy), I have begun to collate much of the information I have gained herein. Mostly links to parts and supplies I have bought, and found useful, so that my fellow sabersmiths can find the stuff that I have.

Also many of the Amazon UK links do provide referral fees, so please do purchase using these links rather than just scouring Amazon, I get some pennies from Amazon to support this website, and my love of LudoSport Light Saber combat -- which means Amazon actually have to pay me!

So if any of my friends have links (from Amazon or otherwise) that should be added here please send them to me.

Nuntis (Ian Jukes) 20-Sep-2020